The Three Keys to Resort Success

Posted on: April 6, 2017 by Fieldale Insurance Agents

The exclusivity and luxury of resorts are some of the major factors that contribute to their overwhelming success. However, simply because there is a lot of earning potential in this industry doesn’t mean resort owners can be complacent when it comes to marketing and sales strategies. As we explore the techniques to drive customer loyalty and boost business, protect your operation with a custom-tailored Martinsville Hospitality Insurance package, crafted to meet your specific needs as a hotel owner.

Put the customer first.

The age old saying of “The customer is always right” should be held to a high standard in the upscale hospitality industry. In fact, as customer service is a top priority for this industry, everyone from management to front desk service agents should be trained to uphold your customer service standards. Any employee who comes into contact with customers should be comfortable managing their expectations. Remember, treating customers like royalty can boost your reputation.

Frequency is key.

Visitors often plan longer trips to resorts than their urban counterparts. Encourage your guests to participate in all that your resort has to offer to make the most of their time with you. This includes dining, bars, activities, outdoor excursions, massages, and more. The more activities they participate in, the more earning potential your resort has.

Boost customer loyalty.

Loyal customers are repeat customers. Offering unique rewards to repeat customers, VIP guests and guests who spend in other departments is a great way to increase your guest capture rate. It also allows you access to a significant amount of guest data in which to create specific target marketing, says Appysphere.

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