Virginia Automobile Insurance and Car Policies from Fieldale

We have a great car and automobile tradition here in Henry County, VA and surrounding areas, but does it translate into excellent, affordable insurance protection for your vehicle? It can if you turn to Fieldale Insurance Agency for your car policy and our competitive car insurance quotes.

At Fieldale, we insure family automobiles as well as premium sports cars and vintage collectibles. We provide all the essential liability coverages mandated by the commonwealth as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance that will step in if you are hit by someone who doesn’t carry enough or any insurance.

Our property policies provide comprehensive, or “other than collision,” coverage as well as protection if your auto is stolen, damaged by a flood or vandalized. Most companies offer special windshield options as well, so your next repair for a ding or minor crack could cost you next to nothing out of pocket.

Ask Us About Reduced Car Insurance Rates

You can even find reduced premium rates if you:

  • Have an excellent driving record
  • Are a student with above-average grades
  • Insure multiple cars
  • Carry other insurance policies with the same insurer
  • Have certain safety or anti-theft devices

Beyond cars, we insure all your vehicles, including trailers, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and watercraft, so make Fieldale your central point for all your insurance needs and experience excellent service and maximum discounts. If you wish to receive a quick quote on an auto, give us a call or complete the form on this page. We can often provide you details within 15 minutes.

Have Teenage Drivers?

Here are some tips to share with your teenagers when it comes to safe driving:

  • Keep cell phone off.
  • Don’t text.
  • Turn on headlights.
  • Obey speed limit (speeding causes about 40% of teen fatalities).
  • Minimize distractions (no eating, drinking, fiddling with radio).
  • Practice defensive driving.
  • Choose a safe car.

Talk to the insurance professionals at Fieldale.

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