Medicare Supplement Plans from Fieldale

If you are a Medicare recipient or about to become one, you could face a gap in your health insurance coverage because traditional Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover deductibles, co-payments, or co-insurance. Those costs can be very high for some treatments, such as pacemakers, hip replacements and cancer treatment, for example.

Fieldale Insurance Agency offers Medicare supplemental insurance, also known as Medigap coverage, to help pay for some of those costs. These are not Medicare “Advantage Plans,” which pretty well replace Medicare. These supplemental plans pay a portion of what’s left after Medicare pays its part.

Rely On Our Expertise, Guidance

It’s important to work with a qualified, trusted insurance agent on Medicare supplement plans, since coverage is limited and excludes prescription drugs. These policies also don’t usually cover vision, dental care or hearing aids, though some may add those as an option or an included benefit. Spouses cannot jointly own a Medigap policy, so each person needs to receive individual counsel on what policy—10 standard plans, A through N, are offered—would best suit them.

Since benefits options vary and different companies charge different prices, your Fieldale agent will carefully review your preferences and needs with you then provide a few clear options. Working with a Fieldale pro for both your Medicare or health insurance and Medicare supplemental coverage will give you the greatest benefit and do the most to eliminate gaps.

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