Virginia Group Disability Insurance from Fieldale

Fieldale Insurance Agency helps businesses in southern Virginia provide a full menu of employee benefits to protect the well-being of our region’s residents and their families. That includes group disability insurance through the workplace, either as an employer-paid benefit or as a voluntary benefit at reduced rates for employees.

Workers compensation insurance and the Social Security Administration both offer disability insurance coverage in South Virginia, so why provide it as an employee benefit as well?

For starters, workers compensation insurance deals only with disability that results from work-related injuries. Nearly a fourth of employees 20 years old or older will experience a disabling injury or illness during their work years that isn’t covered by workers compensation. That means that many employees who don’t have disability insurance outside of workers compensation coverage will go without income for as long as they cannot work. That is a scary prospect. Additionally, most requests for disability assistance are rejected by the Social Security Administration.

Income protection insurance is a critical financial component, and group disability through the workplace is an affordable way to secure coverage.

Virginia Disability Insurance Options at Work

  • Short-term disability coverage: Terms vary, but typically coverage for injuries can begin immediately and coverage for incapacitating illness can begin after a very short waiting period of two weeks or less. The coverage is meant to last from three months to a year usually, but some policies go longer. There are other benefits based on the insurer chosen and the policy terms.
  • Long-term disability coverage: Terms usually include a waiting period of three to six months, but benefits last until you can go back to work or until you are age 65 or older if you are that disabled. There are benefits that address return-to-work rehabilitation, partial disability and increasing income levels over time, among other special care and beneficiary benefits.
  • Tax-free benefits: If employees pay for their own coverage, benefits are not taxed as income. That is an important feature for employers who cannot afford to offer both short- and long-term coverage at company expense.

Employers who provide and/or encourage participation in group disability insurance do their community members a huge service. The loss of income for even a few months can destroy families. Your workplace benefits through Fieldale can be a saving grace.

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