Virginia Group Dental Coverage from Fieldale

Employees want expanded benefits options, according to numerous national surveys from providers and human resources associations, and they are willing to pay some or all of the costs. Fieldale Insurance Agency partners with the highest-quality providers and networks to offer group dental benefits that will appeal to individual employees and families alike—all with affordability and quality care in mind.

Group dental benefits plans in Virginia can be either:

  • Employer-paid or
  • Voluntary, meaning the employee picks up the tab

There are various levels of co-payment and multiple types of medical savings accounts that can be structured to allow employers to contribute as part of the employee benefits package. If group dental benefits are going to be offered on a voluntary basis, there are numerous choices in terms of provider networks, discount services and benefits levels.

Your Fieldale agent will work up a presentation to help you understand your costs as an employer, if there are any, and the potential benefits of adding, maintaining or changing a group dental plan. We will also supply you with information for your employees to make the selection process easier.

Easy Access

  • Links to websites provide 24/7 access to provider data and plan details, so your group benefits information is there at your employees’ convenience.
  • Private personal accounts are a hallmark of our insurer partners’ customer service so your employees don’t have to cut into valuable work or family time just to deal with dental care planning.
  • Call centers are also typically available for those who prefer that personal touch.

Good dental care is more than a cosmetic luxury. It prevents serious infections that can do heart and bone damage, and it can identify the early signs of cancer or other health problems. Group dental insurance is part of a full employee benefits package. Fieldale can help you find a plan that makes everyone in your organization smile.

Six Foods That Can Harm Teeth

  • Citrus fruits—Rinse after eating to reduce effects, wait 20 minutes before brushing
  • Almonds—Whole almonds are hard and crack into wedges when bitten
  • Pickled foods—The high acid content and sugar can demineralize teeth
  • Dried fruit—Sticky and very high in sugar that can get embedded in teeth
  • Coffee—Stains and leaves residue that holds onto plaque
  • Peanut butter—Sticky and sweet, coating teeth and tongue

Source: Women’s Health magazine

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