Health and Safety Requirements for Hoteliers

Posted on: February 3, 2017 by Fieldale Insurance Agents

Hoteliers take extreme pride in their establishments. Making sure that everything is in place, guests are happy, and the rooms look exquisite are all staples of the job. However, during busy times of the year, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. As upholding quality service is a must, we have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to pay attention to detail and maintain your positive reputation, regardless of whether you are swamped or not. In addition, ensure your operation is protected with a custom-tailored VA Hospitality Insurance program.

Dust it off.

Dust leads to a lot of allergens and mites, which is unbecoming for your guests to say the least. Therefore, dust the rooms daily, including the door frames, window frames, floorboards, furniture, and fixtures. Don’t forget the tops of wardrobes and hard-to-reach places, as well. These should be cleaned between each stay!

Check the appliances.

Ensure the cables, wiring, and sockets are all in working order between each guest. Blown sockets and damaged wiring can pose safety threats to your guests, so if any appliances are outdated or old, replace them immediately.

Check the nooks and crannies.

You’d be surprised what kinds of items can be recovered from simply peeking under the bed or behind furniture. Scan in between the sheets, behind the wardrobe and toilet, and in the shower for items left behind by previous guests.

Vacuum thoroughly.

According to The Caterer, while surface dusting is essential, the main place for dust mites to breed is in carpets, which can harbor huge amounts of dust and mites. Carpets left undusted will also attract other pests such as silverfish and moths. Move heavy furniture monthly to vacuum up any dust that might have collected over time.

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