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Posted on: September 28, 2017 by Fieldale Insurance Agents

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In this final installment in our series of posts regarding common home insurance claims, we’re going to cover how to prevent theft. There are so many other factors that lead to claims, especially regarding inclement weather such as wind and hail and other types of property damage. However, in the midst of all these potential issues, it’s not uncommon to completely forget about securing your home from the most basic of threats: burglary. Here, we’ll give you some sound advice for preventing theft. In addition to heeding the following advice, remember that the right VA Home Insurance is a requirement to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Close the garage.

Not only are garages easy entry points for burglars, but they also leave your belongings out in the open for anyone to see. If you have valuables in your garage, you might be tempting a burglar to make your house their next target.

Hide valuables.

A burglar on the hunt for valuables in a home will make the master bedroom their first stop, since that’s where the cash and jewelry are most commonly stored. So if you do keep such valuables on your property, find another room to store them or look into getting a safe, explains U.S. News.

Think about hiding spots.

Ideally, a burglar will choose to rob a home that has plenty of shrubs and trees to utilize as hiding places around the property. By trimming hedges and keeping the landscaping fresh, you’ll minimize these opportunities for would-be burglars.

Get security.

A home security system is a great investment if you can afford it. If this type of splurge isn’t within your budget, however, you’re not out of luck. Placing a home security sign in the front of your home will deter burglars. They won’t know for sure if you have the security until they break in – a risk they’re likely not willing to take.

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