Virginia Property Insurance from Fieldale

How much money would you guess is wrapped up in your business property? Is there a building and office equipment? How about supplies? Lighting? Valuable papers? What about money or other securities?

When you add it all up, your business property could represent vast sums of money—an investment that could be lost in one large catastrophe, such as a fire or tornado. If you own your building, you have even more to consider regarding rebuilding after a disaster because building codes and local ordinances change. Without proper, up-to-date coverage, you could have to pay for mandated demolition and upgrades without the benefit of insurance assistance.

At Fieldale Insurance Agency, we are businessmen as well as risk specialists, and we understand about proper valuations and have a deep knowledge of local ordinances and rebuilding costs. We’ve been around since 1928 and know our region intimately, which means your business and exposures are probably familiar to our specialists. We capitalize on that knowledge to help you assess your risk of loss and craft a comprehensive insurance program to protect your assets.

What Virginia Commercial Property Insurance Can Cover

  • Structures and signs
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Personal belongings
  • Movable business items, even those in transit
  • Specialty items, like art, computers and valuables
  • Debris disposal
  • Animals and more

Top protection starts with a good evaluation of all your property, no matter if you rent or own your premises. From there we can help you decide if you need cargo, marine or other property coverage based on your line of business. The key is documenting what you have and where it is located, establishing its value and deciding what kind of payout you would want if you suffered a loss. From there, it’s just a matter of staying on top of any changes you make and including seasonal considerations for some businesses, which isn’t difficult when you work closely with a trusted business partner like Fieldale.

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