Business General Liability Insurance from Fieldale

A bussiness / commercial general liability insurance policy is a must for all businesses. It protects your company from all sorts of claims of negligence or fault for an injury to someone or damage to their property.

Fieldale Insurance Agency has been placing commercial insurance, including general liability policies, for decades, and we are proud to say our efforts have protected many of the top businesses in Henry County and the surrounding area from financial loss.

A commercial general liability policy does multiple important things, including:

  • Covering legal defense fees
  • Paying damage awards and settlements
  • Covering third-party property damage
  • Protecting businesses that are innocent of claims against them
  • Responding to small claims and large ones alike

Some policies are available with first-dollar defense, meaning your insurer will pay for legal fees starting from the first dollar charged, while others offer ancillary legal advice, investigation costs, coverage for regulatory demands and other important liability protections specific to your business sector.

As your business grows and as our region expands in population and business opportunities, your commercial liability insurance needs will also increase. Fieldale has been growing in this area since 1928 and is well prepared to assist you as your business encounters new challenges.

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