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Commercial auto insurance sounds like a product meant for businesses with a fleet of trucks or in the transportation sector, but it’s really a coverage that many companies need in some form, even if the company doesn’t own any vehicles.

Fieldale Insurance Agency is focused on finding exposures to financial loss your organization faces and helping you assess the value of insuring against those expenses. In many companies, commercial automobile liability insurance is overlooked because there is no business-owned vehicle. That is a potentially costly mistake.

Of course, if you do own business vehicles, whether those are pickups, delivery vans or executive cars, you need business auto insurance—possibly even coverage for a fleet of vehicles. But any organization whose employees travel in the course of their work duties, whether in a company vehicle, a personal auto, or a rental car, should at least consider a commercial auto liability policy.

Who Needs Business Auto Insurance?

  • Business travelers
  • Delivery people
  • Errand runners
  • Professional drivers
  • Anyone who operates a vehicle in the course of their job duties

Commercial car insurance for liability will protect the company if a worker, in the course of job duties, injures someone or damages their property. Think of all the times someone has volunteered to run out and get something—lunch, office supplies, etc.—for the business. Do they use a company-owned vehicle? Oftentimes, not. But if they get in an accident, the victim will almost certainly look to the company for recompense. If the driver’s personal auto policy won’t cover the loss or isn’t adequate and there is no business auto policy, the company will face legal bills and compensation awards without a financial backstop.

Fieldale will work with you to understand how your employees expose your organization to potential business auto liability losses and how employees’ personal insurance plays into accident coverage. We can help you determine which employees are qualified to drive for business, where the safety problems might be and how to establish a safe-driving culture. And never forget, we are always looking at ways you can save money while maximizing protection.

Drowsy Driving Quiz

  1. Is yawning always a sign of sleep deprivation?  Y or N
  2. Is frequent blinking usually because of dry eyes?  Y or N
  3. How many times can you drift lanes before you should pull over? 2, 3, 4, more
  4. Can you snap out of nodding off?  Y or N
  5. Will a cup of coffee do the trick?  Y or N


  1. N: Sometimes yawning is a sign you need to eat or move around.
  2. N: While dry eyes can cause blinking, sleepiness can too.
  3. If you drift lanes at all, you need to pull off the road.
  4. Even if you snap out of nodding off for a little bit, it will come back. You need to sleep.
  5. Caffeine disrupts sleep; it doesn’t keep you alert.

60% of adult drivers report driving while drowsy, and 37% have fallen asleep at the wheel. Don’t be one of them!

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